Why all businesses have to integrate CRM in your site? It will increase your sales volume immediately for sure. You can manage all data with system , easy find history as well as store customers activasion. It helps customers operate clear and professional. Automatically in sales process and take care customers that improves businesses strategy effectively.

Auto marketing!

It manage and set up auto marketing process, connect with website to get customers database.

Time management

It provides work schedule as our normally activation that included meeting, event to-do list.

Auto sales process

It provides a sales tool with a difference stage and manage sale team activity.

Manage Projects

Create customer associated projects with assignable tasks, milestone, and due date.

Sales and support

Everything in the sales and support editions. Let customers login to a portal to submit and review tickets, share files…

Document Management

It is integrated document to manage necessary data for any activision relate to customer

Statistic & Report

You can create reports with different diagrams as chart, pie and others to easy follow.

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